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Open Skies

English Text Book

OPEN SKIES English Reader is a systematically sequenced series that presents language in its coherent form. The pedagogic approach presented here has been formulated after long research on learning situations inside and outside the classroom to help learners achieve both functional knowledge of the English language and a theoretical understanding of its structures. In fine, the primary objective of this series is to make the learning of English interesting and easy. USP of the series We have included several features in this book to make it easy to use: ? Each chapter begins with a short introduction so that the both students and teachers could know at a glance the focus and general content of the chapter . ? At the end of each chapter , vocabulary used in the chapter has been presented with their meanings . ? Varied exercises on vocabulary , comprehension based on the chapter, listening, speaking and writing have been presented at the end or every chapter. ? All skills listed for CCE are introduced in each chapter so that students can keep track of the learning essentials prescribed by the CBSE.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Publisher: Life Skills
  • Author: Sunita Kapoor
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