O my mother land-VIII

O my mother land-VIII

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About Book

O My Mother Land is series of eight books (classes 1-8) with a difference. The series focuses on learning values through inspiring stories, interesting anecdotes, through-provoking activities, self-assessment tasks and real life examples.

Main Features

·         Easy language and appropriate vocabulary

·         Illustrated stories, real-life incidents, parables and fables

·         ‘More to understand’ elaborates the main idea

·         ‘Let’s Do’ provides through provoking activities that help the child imbibe human values.

·         Great importance is given to national integration, patriotism and environment.

·         We hope that the series O my mother land will provide an enjoyable experience to both the teachers and pupils.



1.    Bal Gangadhar Tilak    05
2.    My India    08
3.    Brave Deepak    11
4.    The Blanket    17
5.    The Trick of the Lord    23
6.    Heights of Greatness    29
7.    India's Best Contribution to the World    35
8.    The Old Farmer and the Angel    42
9.    The Brooklyn Bridge    47
10.    Nicholas James Vujicic    52
11.    Beware of the Black Cat!    59
12.    Kailash Satyarthi    64
13.    Yoga for Good Health    68


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