Knowledge Desk- II

Knowledge Desk- II

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About Book

Keeping pace with the upto date current affairs, this well-graded series of Eight General Knowledge books titled 'Knowledge Desk' has been developed and broadened for standards 1 to 8. This series is a by product of our sincere and consistent research to cater the inquisitive minds of the young learners a tasty food and nourishment for their thought.
Salient Features of the Series :
· Keeping in mind the inherent potential in each age group, this series has been graded and grouped squarely.
· Each book in the series contains fascinating and interesting facts covering a wide range of topics.
· Clues and Hints are provided in the Help box to enable pupil answer the questions correctly.
· Upto date current affairs has given vital importance to keep the pupils abreast of the latest development around the world.
· Exercises and assignments are given due coverage to cement strong foundation on what has been learnt.
· To impart extra knowledge in interactive and real life connection method, different ways like Kid's Quiz, More to Know, Help Box, Extra Bytes, Life Skills, Credits, and Role Play are included wherever necessary.


Unit 1 : Our Green World

1. Parts Of A Plant

2. Vegetable Puzzle

3. Know About Leaves

Unit 2 : Animal Kingdom

4. Dangerous Animals

5. Insect World

6. Shelter Of Animals

7. Beaks Of Birds

8. Gifts Of Animals

9. Helping Animals

10. Fun With Animals

Let's Review -I

Unit 3 : Language And Litrature

11. Bat And Ball

12. Categorize Them

13. Pairing Words

14. Words! Words! Words!

15. Eye Of A Needle

16. Action Words

17. Tickle Your Mind

18. Get Them Right

Unit 4 : India Our Country

19. Indian Monuments

20. Our National Symbols

21. Some Indian Faces

22. Women Of India

23. Indian Dresses

24. Important Dates

25. Our Festivals

26. Place Of Worship

Let's Review -II

Unit 5 : Word Around Us

27. Beauty Of The World

28. Costumes Of The World

29. Famous Personalities

30. Mode Of Transport

31. People Around The World

Unit 6 : Sports And Entertainment

32. Indoor And Outdoor Games

33. Name The Game

34. Sports Symbols

35. Adventurous Games

Unit 6 : Life Skills and Environment  

36. Helpful Machines

37. Articles At Home

38. Weather

Unit 8 : Life Skills and Environment  

39. Are You Clean?

40. Keep Safe

41. Pollution 

Let's Review -III

Unit 9 : Miscellaneous

42. Riddle Time

43. Test Your Wisdom



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