Open Skies Literature -VII

Open Skies Literature -VII

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OPEN SKIES English Reader is a systematically sequenced series that presents language in its coherent form. The pedagogic approach presented here has been formulated after long research on learning situations inside and outside the classroom to help learners achieve both functional knowledge of the English language and a theoretical understanding of its structures. In fine, the primary objective of this series is to make the learning of English interesting and easy. USP of the series The Literature Reader is an essential literary supplement to the Open Skies package. The highlights of the Literature Reader are: ? Carefully chosen extracts from prose and poetry, drama, biography and autobiography. ? Texts are from literary values and variety. ? Translations of writing in various Indian languages to emphasize the richness of our literary heritage. ? Exercise intended to develop skills to attempt extrapolator questions. ? Activities focused on figurative or literary uses of language.



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