ICSE Geography VIII

ICSE Geography VIII

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Souvenir?s Inspiring Discovery In Geography is a series stringently rooted on the syllabus prescribed Board for Anglo ? India Education and supported by the council for Indian school certificate Examinations for Classes 6 to 8. To facilitate a deep and profound understanding of the different regions. Culture and people that compose our magnificent world , the serried encompasses the prescribed topics of physical ,regional and practical geography in an articulate manner. Important Attributes:

1. Colourful maps and schematic illustrations .

2. Did You Know ? dispenses fascinating information related to the chapter to enhance the curiosity of the students.

3. Fact File is another highlighted aspect of this series to

4. Important Terms ? are another highlighted in each chapter to reiterate new terms .

5. Points to remember is another important attribute where by student can grasp the essence of each chapter in a condensed manner.

6. Activity / project work has a hidden intention to encourage the student to explore more based on the topic in each chapter.

7. Things to Do? is provided to make learning more exciting and practical , so that the scholars can have some hands on activity to cement their knowledge.

8. To enable testing and revision ,various types of exercise are provided in each chapter.


1. The Solar System 5
2. Weather and Climate 13
3. Temperature 19
4. Atmospheric Pressure and Winds 26
5. Moisture in the Atmosphere 35
6. Measurement of Temperature and Rainfall 41
7. Europe : Location and Physical Features 49
8. Europe : Climate and Natural Vegetation 57
9. Europe : Resources 66
10. Asia : Location, Area and Political and Physical Features 75
11. Asia : Climate, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife 83
12. Asia : Utilisation of Resources 93
13. India : Location and Physical Features 102
14. India : Climate, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife 113
15. Case Studies from India 123
16. Disaster Management 136
17. Environmental Pollution 145


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