ICSE Geography VII

ICSE Geography VII

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Souvenir?s Inspiring Discovery In Geography is a series stringently rooted on the syllabus prescribed Board for Anglo ? India Education and supported by the council for Indian school certificate Examinations for Classes 6 to 8. To facilitate a deep and profound understanding of the different regions. Culture and people that compose our magnificent world , the serried encompasses the prescribed topics of physical ,regional and practical geography in an articulate manner. Important Attributes:

1. Colourful maps and schematic illustrations .

2. Did You Know ? dispenses fascinating information related to the chapter to enhance the curiosity of the students.

3. Fact File is another highlighted aspect of this series to

4. Important Terms ? are another highlighted in each chapter to reiterate new terms .

5. Points to remember is another important attribute where by student can grasp the essence of each chapter in a condensed manner.

6. Activity / project work has a hidden intention to encourage the student to explore more based on the topic in each chapter.

7. Things to Do? is provided to make learning more exciting and practical , so that the scholars can have some hands on activity to cement their knowledge.

8. To enable testing and revision ,various types of exercise are provided in each chapter.


1. Weathering 5
2. Locating Places on the Earth 12
3. The Earth 21
4. The Realms of the Earth 29
5. Weathering and Soil Formation 41
6. North America : Location and Physical Features 47
7. North America : Climate, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife 56
8. North America : Utilization of Resources 65
9. North America : People Transport and Communication 
and Trade 73
10. Lumberjacks of Canada 81
11. Automobile Industry in Detroit 87
12. Silicon Valley 92
13. South America : Land, Climate and Natural Vegetation 97
14. South America : Resources and their utilisation 109
15. Case Studies from South America 120
16. Antarctica 129
17. Disaster and its Management 135
18. Population and Environment 141


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