ICSE History & Civics VIII

ICSE History & Civics VIII

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About Book

Souvenir's History & Civies series for classes 6 to 8 is an effort fulfilled meticulously to publish a sequence of of books which has a synchronizing link throughout, i.e right from class 6 to 8. Above all, while publishing this series our sincere intention prevailed throughout to meet the contents of this series to the syllabus requirements of the inter-state board of anglo- indian education supported by the council for Indian school certificate examination. The history section, thoroughly provides events and movements of the past both in india and all over the world, in an eloquent manner so that the young minds can have a glimpse of the past and inderstand how our humar race has been evolving since the primitive ages. It highlight the bond between the past and present and across human beings and their environment and also emphasise the cultural diversities existing far and wide. Civics with concurrent example has been provided to infuse in young minds civic sense and moral values. Important Attributes

1. Lively pictures and illustrations are scattered uniformly in accordance with the texts.

2. ?Did you know? dispenses fascinating information related to the chapter to enhance the curiosity of the students.

3. Fact file is another highlighted aspect of this series to enhance the logical faculty of the students to understand the concept clearly.

4. ? important terms? are highlighted chapter wise to reiterate new terms.

5. Points to remember is a key factor whereby students can grasp the essence of each chapter in a nutshell.

6. Activity/ Project work has a hidden intention to encourage the student to explore more based on the topic in each chapter.

7. ? Things to DO? is provided to make learning more exciting and practical, so that the scholars can have some hands on activity to cement their knowledge.

8. To enable testing and revision, various types of exercises are provided n each chapter.


1. Decline of Mughal Empire 05
2. Rise of Independent Regional Powers 11
3. Anglo-French Rivalry in the Carnatic 18
4. Rise of British Power in Bengal 27
5. Expansion of European Powers in India 35
6. Expansion of European Powers in North India 42
7. Impact of British Rule on India 48
8. Indian Renaissance - Religious and Social Reformers 55
9. Age of Revolutions 64
10. The American Civil War 73
11. National Movements in Europe 79
12. The Revolt of 1857 88
13. Rise of Indian Nationalism 98
14. The Indian National Movement (1919-1947) 107
15. India's Foreign Policy 122
16. War and Disarmament 130
17. Overpopulation and Poverty 134
18. The United National Organization 139
19. Agencies of the United Nations 144
20. India and Her Neighbours 149
21. Environmental Concerns 154


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