Lab Manual Physical Education-XI

Lab Manual Physical Education-XI

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Lab manual health and physical Education is a practical textbook and notebook combined, for classes XI and XII . It has been prepared according to the latest syllabus. It includes latest general rules, specification of playfields, equipments required and terminology related to all the major sports played, nationally and internationally, as prescribed in the syllabus. It also furnishes details of BMI calculation and AAPHER Test. Each chapter also has specific sports related viva questions with answers towards the end of each unit to prepare the students for their practical tests. We expect the text matter given in the book would aid the students in preparing for their practical classes and maintaining their records.


Part - A
1. Physical Fitness, Wellness and Lifestyle 7-16
l Meaning & importance of physical fitness, wellness and lifestyle
l Factors affecting physical fitness and wellness
l Indicators of health - physical and psychological
l Preventing health threats through lifestyle change
l Components of positive lifestyle
2. Changing Trends and Career in Physical Education 17-34
l Define physical education, its aims and objectives
l Development of  physical education - post independence
l Concept and principles of integrated physical education
l Concept and principles of adaptive physical education
l Career options in physical education
3. Olympic Movement 35-52
l Ancient and Modern Olympics
l Olympic symbols, ideals, objectives & values
l International Olympic Committee
l Indian Olympic Association
l Dronacharya Award, Arjuna Award and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
l Organisational set-up of CBSE Sports and Chacha Nehru Sports Award
4. Yoga 53-66
l Meaning and importance of yoga
l Yoga as an Indian heritage
l Elements of yoga
l Introduction to - asanas, pranayam, meditation and yogic kriyas
l Prevention and management of common lifestyle diseases; obesity, diabetes, hyper-tension and back-pain
5. Doping 67-72
l Meaning and type of doping
l Prohibited substances and methods
l Athletes responsibilities
l Testing - In competition and out of competition
l Side effects of prohibited substances
6. Management of Injuries 73-83
l Common sports injuries of soft tissues, joints and bones
l First-Aid in common sports injuries
l Prevention of sports injuries rehabilitation through massage and exercise
7. Test and Measurement in Sports 84-94
l Define test & measurement
l Importance of test and measurement in sports
l Calculation of BMI and waist-hip ratio
l Somato types (endomorphy, mesomorphy and ectomorphy)
l Procedures of anthropromatric measurement - height, weight, arm and leg length and skin fold
8. Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology 95-110
l Define anatomy, physiology and its importance
l Function of skeleton system, classification of bones and types of joints
l Function and structure of muscles
l Function and structure of respiratory system
l Structure of heart and introduction to circulatory system
9. Bio-mechanics and Sports 111-118
l Meaning and importance of biomechanics in physical education and sports
l Newton’s Law of motion and its application in sports
l Levers, their types and their application in sports
l Equilibrium - dynamic and static and centre of gravity and its application in sports
l Force - Centrifugal and centripetal and its application in sports
10. Psychology and Sports 119-135
l Definition and importance of psychology in physical education and sports
l Define and differentiate between growth and development
l Development characteristics at different stage of development
l Adolescent problems and their management
l Define learning, laws of learning and transfer of learning
11. Training in Sports 136-150
l Meaning and concept of sports training
l Principles of sports training
l Warming up and limbering down
l Load, adaptation and recovery
l Skill, technique and style

Part - B - Practical 
1. Athletics 152
2. Badminton 171
3. Judo 178
4. Swimming 185
5. Table Tennis 190
6. Taekwondo 199
7. Tennis 204


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