Lab Manual Physical Education-XII

Lab Manual Physical Education-XII

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Lab manual health and physical Education is a practical textbook and notebook combined, for classes XI and XII . It has been prepared according to the latest syllabus. It includes latest general rules, specification of playfields, equipments required and terminology related to all the major sports played, nationally and internationally, as prescribed in the syllabus. It also furnishes details of BMI calculation and AAPHER Test. Each chapter also has specific sports related viva questions with answers towards the end of each unit to prepare the students for their practical tests. We expect the text matter given in the book would aid the students in preparing for their practical classes and maintaining their records.


Part - A
Unit I Sports Environment & Society 7-19
l Meaning & Need Of Sports Environment 
l Essential Elements Of Positive Sports Environment 
l Role Of Individual In Improvement Of Sports Environment 
l Role Of Spectators & Media In Creating Positive Sports Environment 
l Women Participation - As Discourse & Ideology 
Unit II Adventure Sports & Leadership Training 20-28
l Meaning and objectives of Adventure Sports 
l Types of activities - Camping, Rock Climbing, Tracking, River Rafting and Mountaineering 
l Material requirement and safety measures 
l Identification and use of Natural Resources 
l Conservation of surroundings 
l Creating Leaders Through Physical Education 
Unit III Sports and Nutrition 29-42
l Balanced Diet & Nutrition: Macro & Micro Nutrients 
l Nutritive & Non-Nutritive Components Of Diet 
l Eating Disorders- Anorexia, Nervosa & Bulemia 
l Effects Of Diet On Performance 
Eating For Weight Control - A Healthy Weight, The Pitfalls Of Dieting, Food Intolerance & Food Myths 
Unit IV Planning in Sports 43-61
l Meaning & Objectives Of Planning 
l Various Committees & Its Responsibilities 
l Tournament - Knock-Out, League Or Round Robin & Combination 
l Procedure To Draw Fixtures - Knock-Out (Bye & Seeding) & League (Staircase & Cyclic) 
l Intramural & Extramural - Meaning, Objectives & Its Significance 
l Specific Sports Programme (Sports Day, Health Run, Run For Fun, Run For Specific Cause & Run For Unity) 
Unit V Postures 62-72
l Meaning and Concept of Correct Postures -  Standing And Sitting 
l Advantages of Correct Posture 
l Common Postural Deformities - Knock Knee; Flat Foot; Round Shoulders; Lordosis, 
Kyphosis, Bow Legs and Scolioses 
l Physical Activities as Corrective Measures 
Unit VI Children & Sports 73-82 
l Motor development in children 
l Factors affecting motor development 
l Physical & Physiological benefits of exercise on children 
l Advantages & disadvantages of weight training & food supplement for children 
l Activities & quality of life
Unit VII Test & Measurement in Sports 83-93
l Measurement of Muscular Strength - Kraus Weber Test 
l Motor Fitness Test - AAPHER 
l Measurement of Cardio Vascular Fitness - Harward Step Test/Rock fort Test 
l Measurement of Flexibility - Sit & Reach Test 
l Rikli & Jones· Senior Citizen Fitness Test
1.  Chair Stand Test for lower body strength 
2.  Arm Curl Test for upper body strength 
3.  Chair Sit & Reach Test for lower body flexibility 
4. Back Scratch Test for upper body flexibility 
5. Eight Foot Up & Go Test for agility 
6. Six Minute Walk Test for Aerobic Endurance 
Unit VIII Physiology & Sports 94-106
l Physiological factor determining component of Physical Fitness 
l Effect of exercise on Cardio-Vascular System 
l Effect of exercise on Respiratory System 
l Effect of exercise on Circulatory System 
l Physiological changes due to ageing & role of regular exercise on ageing process. 
Unit IX Biomechanics & Sports 107-115
l Projectile & factors affecting Projectile Trajectory 
l Angular & Linear Movements 
l Introduction to Work, Power & Energy 
l Friction 
l Mechanical Analysis of Walking & Running 
Unit X Psychology & Sports 116-129
l Understanding stress, anxiety & its management 
l Coping Strategies - Problem Focused & Emotional Focused 
l Personality, its dimensions & types; Role of Sports in Personality Development 
l Motivation, its type & technique 
l Self-esteem Ii Body Image 
Unit XI Training in Sports 130-148
l Strength - Definition, types & methods of improving strength - Isometric, Isotonic & Isokinetic 
l Endurance - Definition, types & methods to develop endurance - Continuous Training, Interval Training & Fartlek Training 
l Speed - Definition, types & methods to develop speed - Acceleration Run & Pace Run 
l Flexibility - Definition, types & methods to improve flexibility 
l Coordinative Abilities· Definition & types 

Part - B - Practical 
1. Athletics 150
2. Hockey 169
3. Handball 181
4. Kho-Kho 186
5. Volleyball 192
6. Football 197
7. Basketball 206


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