ICT Connect-VIII

ICT Connect-VIII

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About Book

ICT connect is a series from classess  1to 8. The series has been prepared beautifully keeping in mind all the technical aspects of computers. Each and every idea of computing has been presented in an easy-to-understand language accompanied by illustration. Needless to say, the computer is the craze of modern age. It has made its presence felt in every work and corner of the globe. We have left no stone unturned in giving the children the best of information on computers. We are more than sure that the books in the series will come up to the expectations of the teacher and the taught.

The salient features of this series are:

Carefully graded content provided in lucid language.

Visually crafted pages which supports the matter.

Simple questionnaire, activity based questions, H.O.T.S, Life skills and project work ensure overall development of a learner’s mind.

Model test papers provide thorough revision.

National cyber Olympiads helps in developing reasoning skills and helps the learner to get ready such questions in higher classes which also from a part of the CBSE syllabus.

The overall presentation of this series ensure salient and fun experience to explore the field off information technology.



1. Flash 7
Basic Touch-Up, Flash Toolbar and Its Uses, Drawing Tools, Drawing Sun, Steps Needed to Draw a Tree, Drawing Road, Drawing Car, 
2. Animation in Flash 21
Introduction to Flash, Font, Size, Type and Style, Character Spacing, Kerning and Position, Different Types of Texts, Working with Frames, Symbols, Different Symbols and Instances, Types of Symbols, Creating a New Symbol From Scratch, Types of Animation in Flash, 
3. VB.NET 43
Constants and Variables, Simple Types (Primitive Data Types), Object Type, Class Type, Overloading and Overriding of the Class, Overriding, Properties, GET Accessor, Set Accessor, How to Make a Property Read only/ Write only, Structure, Name Spaces, Boxing Conversations, Un-Boxing Conversions, Enumerations, Delegates, Data Type Changes, Bolean, String, Control Statements
4. JAVA Programming 59
Executing Java Program, Java Applets, Java Applications, Advantages of Java, Versions of Java, Versions Program Files, Writing Java programs, Compiling Java Programs, Syntax of the Java language, Declaring Variables, Data Types, Numeric Constants, Character Constants, Variable Names, Declare Variables, Multiple Equal Signs for Initialization, A Simple Java Program, Compiling and Running the Program, Arithmetic Operations, Increment and Decrement Operations, Combined Arithmetic and Assignment Statement, Making Decisions in Java, Comparisons of Operators, Combining Conditions, The Most Common Mistakes, The Switch Statement, Looping Statements in Java, The For Loop

5. HTML 76
Introduction and Touch Up of HTML, What is WWW, Writing an HTML Document, File Extension of HTML Document, Structure of HTML Document, HTML Tag, HTML Writing Tool, Wysiwyg HTML Tools, HTML Hand-Coding Tools, Integrated Tools, Writing HTML Code in Note pad, View HTML Document in a Browser, Container and Empty Elements, Analogy : My Backpack, Why are containers so important, Empty Elements in HTML, HTML Tag Structure, Basic HTML Tags, Why are Headings Tags Used?, Planning and Designing the First Web page, Inline Vs. Block Elements, Physical Styles, Lists
6. Basics of DBMS and RDBMS 107
Data, Database Management System (DBMS), Types of DBMS, Relationship, Transaction, Table, Constraints, DBMS and RDBMS, DBMS, RDBMS, DBMS Vs RDBMS, What are the Types of Data Models
7. Network Security Tools 116
Internet Safety and Privacy, Password : The first steps of safety, Common password mistakes, Protecting Computer from Internet Threat, Strategies for using Antivirus Software, Backup your Computer, E-mail Tips for scams and spams, Dealing with Email Attachments, Protecting Your Financial Transactions, What is Network Management?, Performance Management, Configuration Management, Accounting Management, Fault Management, Security Management, Lan Management, Man Management, Wan Management, VoIP
8. Windows 10 141
Start Menu, APPs Run in a Window, Multitasking, Multiple Desktops, Feednack and Forum
9. Multiple Choice Questions 148
Task - 1, Task - 2, National Cyber Olympiad


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