ICT Connect-VII

ICT Connect-VII

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ICT connect is a series from classess  1to 8. The series has been prepared beautifully keeping in mind all the technical aspects of computers. Each and every idea of computing has been presented in an easy-to-understand language accompanied by illustration. Needless to say, the computer is the craze of modern age. It has made its presence felt in every work and corner of the globe. We have left no stone unturned in giving the children the best of information on computers. We are more than sure that the books in the series will come up to the expectations of the teacher and the taught.

The salient features of this series are:

Carefully graded content provided in lucid language.

Visually crafted pages which supports the matter.

Simple questionnaire, activity based questions, H.O.T.S, Life skills and project work ensure overall development of a learner’s mind.

Model test papers provide thorough revision.

National cyber Olympiads helps in developing reasoning skills and helps the learner to get ready such questions in higher classes which also from a part of the CBSE syllabus.

The overall presentation of this series ensure salient and fun experience to explore the field off information technology.



1. Excel 7
Mean, Median, Mode and Range, Using Excel to Compute Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Max, Min & count
2. Advance Charting in Excel 14
3. Photoshop 18
Starting Photoshop, Menu Bar, How to Open an Image, Creating a New Image Window, Changing the size on an On-screen image, Changing Print Size, Changing Canvas Size, Use of Crop Tool on an Image, use of Zoom Tool, Switch to Full Screen Tool, Selecting with Marquee Tool, Elliptical Marquee Tool,  Use of Lasso Tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool, Use of Magic Wand Tool, Moving and Selection, Selecting the Full Image, Moving the Selected Border, Inverting the Selection, Inverting the Selection, Copy and Paste Command, Inverting the Selection, Clone Stamp Tool, Color Modes, Foreground and Background Colors, Selecting the Color from Eyedropper Tool, Use of Paint Brush tool, Use of Pencil tool,  Use of Paint Bucket Tool, Brightness and Contract, Color Balance, Color Variation, Use of Dodge Effect, Burn tool, Saving Photoshop Image, Saving Image for Other Application, Printing the Image
4. Flash 32
Font Attributes, Character Spacing, Kerning and Position, Different Types of Texts, Dynamic Text, Input Text, Working With Frame, Basic of Flash Animation, Motion Tween, Shape Tween, Frame-by-Frame Animation
5. Computer Programming 43
Pseudo Code, Source Code (Program), Purpose, Object Code (Program), Compiler Designing Phases, Code Generator, Debugging, Purpose of Programming Language
6. HTML 51
Heading, Paragraph, List Tag, Unordered Lists, Comments, Table, Table Data, Borders
7. Visual Basic 60
What is a Control, Text Box, Command Button, Label Controls, Picture Box, Shape, List Boxes, Frame, Option Box, Saving your application, Variable Scope, Visual Basic Arithmetic Operators
8. C++ Programming 69
Structure of C++ Program, Declarations, Expressions, Preprocessor Directives, Arrays, Working with C++Editor, Saving C++ Program, Compiling Program, Executing a Program
9. DBMS 77
Objectives of DBMS, Design and Structure of DBMS, Data Independence, Naive users, Online Users, Application Programmer, Database Administrator, DBMS Facilities, Structure of DBMS, Advantages of DBMS
10. E-Commerce 84
E-Business, E-Shopping, E-Ticketing, Advantages of E-Commerce, How E-Commerce of Useful to Us
11. Computer Ethics 90
Software Piracy, Rick on the Internet Chatting, E-Mail Bombing, Online Gambling, Pornography, Crime Using a Computer, Reasons of Crime using Computers, Protective Measures, Firewall, Restricted Actions
12. Cyber Crime 96
Crime In Cyberspace, Modes of Manners of Committing Cyber Crime, Cyber Criminals, Discontented Employees, Prevention of Cyber Crime
13. Java 101
How to Download Jawa, Setting Environment Variables, How to Set ENV Variable in Different Platforms, Writing the First Jawa Program, How to Run Jawa Application, Operators in Jawa Programming Language, Operators Precedence, Operator Associativity, Operator Precedence Table, List of Operators, Variables in Jawa, Variables Declaration, Variable Initialization, Different Primitive Data, Types, Types of Variable in Jawa, Instance Variable (Non-Static Fields), Class Variable (Static Fields), Parameters
14. Dot Net 115
How to Download Jawa, Flavours of .Net, What Type of Application Can you Develop, ,Net Frame Work SDK, .Net and Mobile Development, Microsoft .Net Compact Framework, Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit, Features of .Net, Constituents of .Net Platform, Understanding the .Net Platform and Its Layers, The Command Language Runtime (CLR)
15. Cloud & Mobile Computing 125
Characteristics, Service Models, Deployment Models, Benefits, Challenges, Communications in the Cloud, Using the Communication Services, Accessing Through Web APIs, Media Server Control Interfaces, Communication Scalability, Getting Started with Communication Services, Mobile Computing, Mobile Computing Devices, Personal Digital Assistant, Smart Phone, Tablet Computer, Ultra Mobile PC,  Wearable Computers, Limitations of Mobile computing,
16. National Cyber Olympiad 141


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