ICT Connect-VI

ICT Connect-VI

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ICT connect is a series from classess  1to 8. The series has been prepared beautifully keeping in mind all the technical aspects of computers. Each and every idea of computing has been presented in an easy-to-understand language accompanied by illustration. Needless to say, the computer is the craze of modern age. It has made its presence felt in every work and corner of the globe. We have left no stone unturned in giving the children the best of information on computers. We are more than sure that the books in the series will come up to the expectations of the teacher and the taught.

The salient features of this series are:

Carefully graded content provided in lucid language.

Visually crafted pages which supports the matter.

Simple questionnaire, activity based questions, H.O.T.S, Life skills and project work ensure overall development of a learner’s mind.

Model test papers provide thorough revision.

National cyber Olympiads helps in developing reasoning skills and helps the learner to get ready such questions in higher classes which also from a part of the CBSE syllabus.

The overall presentation of this series ensure salient and fun experience to explore the field off information technology.



1. Communication Tools 7
Net and Web, New and Web Terminology, Client and Server, Website, Web Pages, Home page and Hyperlink, TCP/IP, HTTP, URL and Domain Name, Electronic Mail, Equipments needed to surf the Internet, Log On to the Internet, Surfing the Web, Virus and Anti-virus, Signature Detection,  Behavior Detection, Latest Trends in Computer Technology, Current Trends, Clouds Computing in Science and Engineering, Mobile Computing Meets the Cloud, Interactive Public Display, 3D Imaging Technology and Multimedia Applications, The Future of Technology, When Computers Disappear
2. MS-PowerPoint 22
PowerPoint Slides, PowerPoint Screen, New Presentation, Saving a Presentation, Add Slides, Themes, Changing Slide Layout, Entering Text on a slide, Adding Clipart to a Slide, How to Resize a Clipart Image, Aligning Text, Setting Line Spacing, Indents, Preparing To Deliver a Presentation, Spell Check a Presentation View The Slide Show, Rearranging the Slides, How To Set Transition Effects, Animating Text
3. MS Word 40
Recap, Character Formatting, Changing the Font, Changing the Font size, Different Colour, Paragraph Formatting, Using Bullets, Creating a Numbered List, Working with Line Spacing, Using Tabs, Arranging Text With Tables, Creating a Table, Adding Text to Your Table, Deleting Rows and Columns, Adding Rows and Columns, Adding Clipart to Documents, Text Flow Around Graphics, Controlling Page Layout, Adding A Header, Adding A Footer, Setting Page Orientation, Spelling and Grammar Checking, Proofing While you Type, Spell Checking the Entire Document, Automatic Error Correction, Printing A Document,  Searching the Text, Text Effects with WordArt, Remember the Ribbon,
4. Spreadsheet 58
Language Processor, Creating a new File, Entering Data, Calculations, Selecting Cell, Calculating Data, Editing Worksheets, Editing Cell Contents, Adding Rows and Columns, Data Copy, Worksheet Format, Page View, Printing Worksheet, Exiting Excel.
5. HTML 68
Fundamentals of HTML, Advantage of HTML, Web Page Designing Using HTML, HTML Elements, BG colour Attribute, Text Attribute, Link, Vlink and Alink Attributes, BG Properties Attribute, Margin Attribute, Headline Element, Algin, Clear, HREF Attribute, Name Attribute, Block Formatting Elements, Font Element, Size Attribute, Colour Attribute, Face Attribute, Base Font Element, Size Attribute, Face Attribute, Colour Attribute, BE Element, HR Element
6. QBasic 85
Features of Qbasic, Rules of Qbasic,  Qbasic Data, Modes in Qbasic, Commands and Functions, Qbasic Commands
7. QBasic Advanced 92
Print, Variables, Input, Goto, Mathematical Calculations, How Qbasic Decides What to do,  Looping With Qbasic, Qbasic Library Functions
8. MS Office 2010 112
Window Options, Printing Options, Save and Send, Help, Ribbon, Customizing the Ribbon, Features Available in Multiple Application, Paste Preview, Screenshot feature, Artistic Effects, Excel2010>Sparklines, Access 2010
9. Movie Maker 122
Show Collections, How to Input File, How to Create Transitions Between Clips, Video Effects, Titles of Credits, How to Import Existing Digital Media files, How to Edit Projects
10. Scanner and Printer 131
Connecting a Scanner To a Computer, Parallel Port, Small Computer System Interface, Universal Serial bus, Fire Wire, Printing Document, Page Setup, Paper Size
11. Multiple Choice Questions 137
Task -1, National Cyber Olympiad 


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