ICT Connect-V

ICT Connect-V

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ICT connect is a series from classess  1to 8. The series has been prepared beautifully keeping in mind all the technical aspects of computers. Each and every idea of computing has been presented in an easy-to-understand language accompanied by illustration. Needless to say, the computer is the craze of modern age. It has made its presence felt in every work and corner of the globe. We have left no stone unturned in giving the children the best of information on computers. We are more than sure that the books in the series will come up to the expectations of the teacher and the taught.

The salient features of this series are:

Carefully graded content provided in lucid language.

Visually crafted pages which supports the matter.

Simple questionnaire, activity based questions, H.O.T.S, Life skills and project work ensure overall development of a learner’s mind.

Model test papers provide thorough revision.

National cyber Olympiads helps in developing reasoning skills and helps the learner to get ready such questions in higher classes which also from a part of the CBSE syllabus.

The overall presentation of this series ensure salient and fun experience to explore the field off information technology.



1. Computer Coding and Memory 7
How a Computer Works, Data Coding and Functional, Bits and bytes, Computer Logic, Morse Code, Memory, Semi Conductor Memory, Sequential Access Memory (SAM), Read/Write Memory, DRAM, SARM, ROM, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, Auxiliary Storage Memory, Units of Memory Measurement
2. Programming and Languages 17
How is a program made, Computer Languages, Binary Codes, Types of Computer languages, Machine language, Assembly language, High level language, BASIC, COBOL, Pascal, Fortran
3. Input and Output 24
Joystick, Light Pen, Bar Code Reader, Magnetic Ink Character Reader, (MICR), Optical Mark Reader (OMR), Digitizer, Biometric Attendance System, Full Body Scanner
4. Output Devices 31
Monitor, Printer, Plotter, LCD Projector, Speaker Set, Television, Braille Embosser, Braille Reader/Display, 3D Printer, Robot, ATM
5. Storage and Communication Devices 40
How to See Storage Places in a Computer, Fixed Hard Disk, Portable Hard Disk, CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Blue-Ray Disc, Memory Sticks (Pen Drives), Flash Memory Card, NAS Drive, Cloud Storage, Modem, Wi-Fi, Network Interface Card, Bluetooth
6. Algorithm and Flowchart 49
Algorithm, Flowchart, Terminal Box, Input/output Box, Process Box, Connector, Flow Lines, Decision Box, Program
7. Operating Systems 58
What is an Operating System, Functions of Operating System, How Operating System Works, Types of Operating Systems, Real-time Operating System (RTOS), Android Operating System, Operating System at Work
8. MS Word 69
Recap, Components of MS Word Screen, Typing UpperCase Letters, Rules For Entering Text, Correcting Mistakes, Moving with the Mouse, Using the Cursor Keys, Beginning and end of the line, Bigger Steps, Jumping to a particular page, The view on the Screen, Selecting Text, Selecting a word, Selecting a group of works, Selecting line by line, Selecting precisely what you want, Selecting with the keyboard, Selecting everything, Deleting and Adding Text, Deleting individual characters, Removing larger blocks of text, Adding text, Using the clipboard, Cutting and pasting, Copying instead of cutting, Some keyboard shortcuts
9. MS PowerPoint 81
Recap, Presentation, Launching PowerPoint, Introduction to PowerPoint, Creating a new Presentation, Saving a Presentation, Inserting More Slides, Viewing Slide Show, Closing a presentation, Opening an Existing Presentation, Closing PowerPoint
10. Multimedia 91
Advantages of Multimedia, Playing Audio or Video CDs, Scanning Images, Morphing, Animation, Loading Animation Software, Creating Animation By Rolling  Images, Goldwave, GoldWave Loading, Creating a New File, How to Start Recording, How to Play Audio, Playing a Certain Part of the Track, Effects
11. Internet 100
Monitor, Hardware and Software Requirements, How to Connect to the Internet, Connecting to the Internet, Websites, Web Pages, Web Browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Title Bar, Menu Bar, Tool Bar, Links, Scroll bar, Drop-Down Menu, Hypertext Markup Language, Web Address, Home Page
12. Windows 7 109
Knowing Software Version, Introduction to the Desktop, Glossary of Icons, The Task Bar, Keep Tracks of your windows, Minimize and Restore Windows, The Notification Area, To Unlock the Taskbar, To Move the TaskBar, The Start Button, What is Windows?, Switching Between Windows, Dialog Boxes, Command Buttons, Restoring Deleting Files, Shutting Down or Logging Off the Computer 
13. Cyber Crime Protection 124
For Children, Monitor Children, View IM Buddies, Social Networking Sites, Become their friend, Know the Lingo, Disable Webcams, Watch School Websites, protect them in games
14. Multiple Choice Questions 131
TASK - 1, TASK - 2, TASK - 3, National Cyber Olympiad-1, National Cyber Olympiad-2


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