ICT Connect-IV

ICT Connect-IV

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About Book

ICT connect is a series from classess  1to 8. The series has been prepared beautifully keeping in mind all the technical aspects of computers. Each and every idea of computing has been presented in an easy-to-understand language accompanied by illustration. Needless to say, the computer is the craze of modern age. It has made its presence felt in every work and corner of the globe. We have left no stone unturned in giving the children the best of information on computers. We are more than sure that the books in the series will come up to the expectations of the teacher and the taught.

The salient features of this series are:

Carefully graded content provided in lucid language.

Visually crafted pages which supports the matter.

Simple questionnaire, activity based questions, H.O.T.S, Life skills and project work ensure overall development of a learner’s mind.

Model test papers provide thorough revision.

National cyber Olympiads helps in developing reasoning skills and helps the learner to get ready such questions in higher classes which also from a part of the CBSE syllabus.

The overall presentation of this series ensure salient and fun experience to explore the field off information technology.



1. How Computers Works 7
Parts of the Computer, The Rear Panel, How a Computer Works
2. Hardware and Software 16
The Hardware, The Software, Basic Input Output System, Operating System, Application Software, Utility Software, language Processor
3. Input Devices 26
Keyboard, Mouse, Touchpad, Touchpad Screen, Microphone, Scanner, Webcam, CD/DVD, Blu Ray Disc, Hard Disk, Pen Drive
4. Windows 34
Wallpaper, Icon, Taskbar, Selecting and Deselecting an Icon, Opening an application using Icons, Hiding Desktop Icons, Taskbar, Quick Launch Bar, Start Button, All Programs, Log Off, Shutdown, Search, Help and Support, Shortcut Buttons, Accessories
5. Paint Advanced 46
More Tools in the Tool Box, More Menus in Paint, Image Menu, Flip/Rotate, Stretch/Skew, Pixels (picture Elements), Delete Image
6. MS Word 55
Launching MS Word 2007, Typing the Letter, Your First Letter, Insertion Point, Correcting Mistakes, Adding a word in the middle, Manipulating Paragraph, Saving the Letter, Printing the Letter
7. LOGO 67
How to Load LOGO, How To Draw, How to Move the Turtle, Let us Draw, LOGO Commands, Home, FD, BK, RT, LT, HT, ST, CS, CT, PU, PD, PE, PX, Repeat, How to name a procedure, Sub Procedure, Changing a procedure, PO Command, SAVE Command, ERASE Command, POT Command, How to Quit LOGO
8. Rising Steps of Computers 83
History of Calculation Devices, Abacus, Pascaline, Napier Bones, Analytical and Differential Engine, Punch Card, Mark-I, ENIAC, Computer Generations, First Generation, Second Generation, Third Generation, Fourth Generation, Fifth Generation
9. Lab Manners 94
Ergonomics, Netiquette
10. Multiple Choice Questions 104
TASK - 1, TASK - 2, National Cyber Olympiad-1, National Cyber Olympiad-2


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