Lab Manual Science-VII

Lab Manual Science-VII

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1. To show that light is necessary for photosynthesis. 05
2. To study human digestive system with the help of chart or model. 06
3. To study the life cycle of a silk moth. 09
4. To show that evolved gas is hydrogen. 10
5. To show the heat transfer/travels from one place to another in solid substances. 11
6. To show neutralisation reaction with the help of an experiment. 13
7. To prepare a base – Magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2). 15
8. To show solid form of water (ice) is lighter than liquid water. 16
9. To prepare a salt solution in the laboratory. 17
10. To determine the density of water. 19
11. To study various layers of soil. 20
12. To show that soil contains moisture. 22
13. To study human respiratory system. 23
14. To study human excretory system with the help of chart or model. 25
15. To prove that light travels in a straight line. 26
16. To show the food chain with the help of a chart. 27
17. To measure time period of a pendulum. 29
18. To identify and differentiate between concave and convex lens. 31
19. To show the conduction of heat. 33
20. To show the convention of heat. 35
21. To prepare carbon dioxide gas in laboratory. 36
Practical Based Multiple Choice Questions 38


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