Lab Manual Science-VI

Lab Manual Science-VI

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1.            To test the presence of starch, protein and fats in the given sample of food.       5

2.            To study the solubility of different substances in water.                7

3.            To separate a mixture of sand and water by decantation and sedimentation method.     9

4.            To study the solubility of some given liquids in water.     10

5.            To make a saturated solution.                                                    12

6.            To separate a mixture of sand, salt and iron fillings.          13

7.            To prove that like poles of magnets repel and unlike poles attract each other.    15

8.            To show that light travels in a straight line.           17

9.            To study different parts of leaf.                                 19

10.          To study the different parts of flower.                   20

11.          To measure the thickness of a coin.                         22

12.          To show that air has oxygen.                                      23

13.          To show that air has mass.                                           25

14.          To determine the temperature of boiling water.               26

15.          To prepare crystals of alum.                                        28

16.          To study the adaptations in a desert plant.           30

17.          To study the adaptations in an aquatic plant.       31

Practical Based Multiple Choice Questions                            32




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