Math In Focus VIII

Math In Focus VIII

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About Book

Math in focus is carefully graded series that stet the national curriculum framework 2005 and meets the requirements of the new 2005 NCERT syllabus for mathematics. The books are written in nine parts ? Introductory and 1 to 8. This series holds a modern approach to teaching of mathematics. The content is so developed that sets out to first build concepts thoroughly before moving onto the essential drill and practice. Also , while developing the content many concrete examples and situations have been taken from child? s immediate environment which facilitate the process of learning the mathematical concepts.

Salient Features Of The Series


  • Recall ? a cumulative revision exercise, is so designed that it is capable to bridge the gap from one grade to the next .
  • Sufficient examples and exercise are provided to make the students understand the mathematical concept clearly.
  • Problems given in the section Try Task provide extra practice to the students.
  • Problems given in the section Tricky Task are for developing higher order thinking skills (Hots) in them.
  • Projects are given under the Mental Power so that students can learn mathematics by the process of ?earning by doing.
  • Lap activities? are provided at the end of each chapter keeping in view the CBSE directives about the use of mathematics laboratories in schools which aim at linking the mathematical concepts with activities.
  • Whenever applicable, the concepts have made interesting by giving catchy illustrations.



1. Rational Numbers 5

2. Powers 28

3. Squares and Square Roots 37

4. Cubes and Cube Roots 53

5. Algebraic Expressions 61

6. Factorisation of Algebraic Expressions 83

7. Linear Equation in One Variable 94 

8. Representing Solid Shapes on Paper  105

9. Compound Interest 115

10. Percentage and Its Application 132 

11. Practical Geometry (Construction) 151

12. Mensuration 164

13. Direct and Inverse Variations 186

14. Playing with Numbers 198

15. Data Handling 208

16. Introduction to Graphs 238

Answers 254 


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