Takshilha Class-I Semester-II

Takshilha Class-I Semester-II

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About Book

Takshilha is a series of ten books for Classes 1 to 5, comprising two books for each class. There is one book for each semester. Each book has an integrated course covering all the core subjects as well as EVS (in classes 1 and 2). The series has been structured on the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework for School Education, 2005, integrating all the essential elements for a child's holistic development. The core subjects ? English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies ? have been presented in a child-centric, interactive manner to sustain the interest of the learners of each level. Well-graded and precise contents have been effectively divided into topics and sub-topics. Scientific use of pictures, diagrams and illustrations, varied exercises to address multiple skills and suitable pre- and post-reading activities act as effective tools of conceptual learning. Key Features Child-friendly, interactive approach leading to effective learning outcome. Content of each class distributed across two semesters. Colourful presentation of concepts and learner- friendly layout. Colourful, vivid and accurate photographs, diagrams and illustrations. Varied reading texts and poems with adequate emphasis on listening, speaking, reading writing, comprehension and creative skills Explanation of mathematical concepts with the help of easy, worked-out examples and supported by interesting exercises. Establishment of scientific concepts through experiments, observations and inferences. Accurate and detailed presentation of a child's immediate and distant environment to develop awareness as well as a sense of responsibility In-text activities and questions to encourage independent thinking Varied exercises comprise subjective, objective, analytical and inferential questions as well as questions based on diagram and critical thinking Cross-curricular links and activities based on multiple skills address the strengths of all kinds of learners


1. Tick-Tock! Tick-Tock! 7
2. In the Garden 14
3. Ria's Birthday 23
My Birthday Cake 30
4. The Moon in the Pond 31
1. Measurement 38
2. Bigger Numbers 48
3. Addition and Subtraction of Bigger Numbers 66
4. Time 81
5. Money 88
6. Data Handling 94
1. Good Habits 100
2. Good Manners 104
3. Be Clean In And Out 108
4. Time for Food 112
5. Healthy Food 115
6. Safety at Home 118
7. Safety on Road 122
8. Safety in School 127
9. Safety in Playground 131

General Knowledge
1. Sports and Entertainment 136
2. Our Surroundings 143


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