True Art-III

True Art-III

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Importance of Craft Activities

All children love to create art and make things. In younger children playing with arts and crafts inspires creativity while helping them to focus their mind and complete a set of task while older children can begin to gain an understanding of artistic and design skills that may affect their future educational choices.

Child psychologists, doctors and teachers realize the importance of using creative skills to stimulate children?s minds and give them a fantastic opportunity to express themselves in their own unique way. They are given the opportunity to work with colour and different materials to create their own piece of artwork, giving them a sense of achievement and also giving them the opportunity of appreciating other friends? artwork.

When your childs watching TV, encourage him/her to work on a craft project. It a great opportunity to sit down to help him/her. Take a look at our ornament crafts, they are wonderful for giving ideas for a range of ornament that can be worn or given as gifts.

We understand the importance of creativity and inspiring children to develop a love for the subject. Later in school life there are many creative options that can be continued as qualifications or over as a career. But this all starts from the positive experiences we have when we are young children.



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