More Values-VII

More Values-VII

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About Book

The series more values comprises of Eight books from class I to VIII. Values are more than book-learning, it is a way of life. This series aims at instilling values that ranges from honesty, patience and generosity to patriotism, civic consciousness and respect for the environment.

The salient features of the series are given below.


  • Every chapter is dedicated to one main value.
  • Think and discuss? is for warm-up and interactive discussion on moral theme.
  • Then begins the story or fable which focuses on the key value in a way that is both engaging and fun filled.
  • 'Let's See what you know? focuses on the main issues in the story.
  • The implication and use of the moral values in the everyday life has been discussed by giving a lot of practical and real- life situations.
  • 'Become better' is a questionnaire for introspection.
  • 'I promise' at the end is for the final remembrance of the moral values and a pledge from the student to make himself the best.
  • We hope worthy teachers would appreciate our attempts to help the students and the series succeeds in developing the requisite life and inculcating the values among children.



1. God Made Everything 5

2. Kaki 15

3. The Two Pots 24

4. Friendship and Justice 31

5. Beyond the call of Duty 40

6. Story of the Rainbow 50

7. Mother Ganga 59

8. We Shall Overcome 66 


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