Pathfinder Social Science-VII

Pathfinder Social Science-VII

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About Book

The Pathfinder Social Science Provides you with all you need to achieve and accomplish the learning goals in accordance with the latest education pattern. This series has been developed by renowned authors, who are masters in their subject with proven records of helping students achieve top grades.

As the new education pattern involves activity-based learning and use of ICT as important factors, this series enables you to: 

Build your knowledge and ability.

Understand the goals and motives presented in the chapter from the section in this chapter given at the beginning of each chapter.

Gain confidence through discussions and debates.

Increase comprehensive understanding through know more and fact file.

Structure understanding and enhance vocabulary though knowledge builder.

Develop connectivity in classrooms with the use of ICT through web source.

Sharper time management and multiple analysis through quiz and multiple choice exercise. Further special feature of the series:

Teachers get support on the latest teaching aids on different topics through teaching aids and or

Extra knowledge on different chapters will be updated through search web.

We have tried our best to make social science an interesting subject. We hope that the series will serve its purpose and would be liked by teachers, taught, guardians and support features of the series, which you can write to us at:


Unit 1: what is history?

1. When, where and how     5

2. New kings and kingdoms  12

3. The delhi sultanate           18 

4. The mughal empire                             29

5. The medieval architecture 40

6. Administration and societies under the mughals 50

7. Towns, traders and craftsman    56

8. Special change: mobile and settled communities          63

9. Religious movements                71

10. Spring of regional cultures                  80

11. The eighteenth century inida     90

Unit 2: our habitat

12.  Environment      102 

13.  Inside our earth 107 

14.  The changing earth- internal forces     114

15.  Our changing earth- -external forces  121

16. The atmosphere  128

17. Natural vegetation and wildlife   137

18. Water      144

19. Human environment settlement, transport and communication        151

20. Human environment interactions         159

21. Life in temperate grasslands     166

22. Life in deserts     172

Unit 3: what is civics?

23. Equality: a key feature of democracy 178

24. Functions of state governments 185

25. The role of democracy in health 199

26. The gender inequality              209

27. Woman change the world         221

28. The media in india         229

29. Advertising         238

30. The market we buy from         248




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