Pathfinder Social Studies-IV

Pathfinder Social Studies-IV

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About Book

Pathfinder Social Studies is a comprehension series in Social Studies for classes 1 to 5. This series is an endeavour to encourage the children to enquire, explore, discover and rediscover people, places and situation. It conforms to the latest syllabus strictly. The series is made with an attempt to encourage a progressive and dynamic learning experience, strengthened by a motivating assessment process.

Special Features of the Books :


  • Goal highlights the main concepts of the lesson giving it a definite direction.
  • Amazing Fact shares curious snippets of information.
  • Meet me inspires and motivates.
  • Value Point is an effort to instil life skills.
  • Our heritage is an effort the guide to pupils about our heritage.
  • Zone of Assessment contains picture based activities to enhance power of observation and association.
  • Exercises is the form of various question to check the retention capacity of pupils.
  • Projects in each chapter to promote activity-based learning.
  • Life Skills in each chapter help students make decision, solve problems, think critically and creatively.
  • Web Links give references to relevant websites for further reading.



Unit 1: About Our Country

1. Our Motherland                                                          11

2. The Northern Mountains                                         15

3. The Northern Plains                                                   21

4. The Western Desert                                                  27

5. The Plateau                                                                   32

6. The Coastal Plains and the Islands                        37

7. The Climate of India                                                   43

Unit 2: Resources and their Utilization

8. Kind of Soils                                                                   50

9. Our Forests and Wildlife                                           56

10. Our Water Resources                                              62

11. Mineral Resources                                                   67

12.  Animal Wealth of India                                          72

13. Human Resources                                                    75

14. Our Agriculture                                                          79

15. Industries in India                                                     85

Unit 3: Our Lifelines

16. Means of Transport                                                 90

17. Means of Communication                                     95

Unit 4: Land and People

18. People of the Northern Mountains                  99

19. People of the Northern Plains                             105

20. People of the Desert                                               110

21. People of the Plateau Region                              113

22. People of the Western Coastal Plains and the Islands               119

23. People of the Eastern Coastal Plains and Islands in the Bay of Bengal                123

Unit 5: Our Culture and Heritage

24. Religions, Languages, Festivals and Customs                127

25. Art and Architecture                                                                132

Unit 6: How We Govern Ourselves

26. Our Rights and Duties                                             137

Map Practice                                                              143


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