pathfinder Social Studies-III

pathfinder Social Studies-III

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About Book

Pathfinder Social Studies is a comprehension series in Social Studies for classes 1 to 5. This series is an endeavour to encourage the children to enquire, explore, discover and rediscover people, places and situation. It conforms to the latest syllabus strictly. The series is made with an attempt to encourage a progressive and dynamic learning experience, strengthened by a motivating assessment process.

Special Features of the Books :


  • Goal highlights the main concepts of the lesson giving it a definite direction.
  • Amazing Fact shares curious snippets of information.
  • Meet me inspires and motivates.
  • Value Point is an effort to instil life skills.
  • Our heritage is an effort the guide to pupils about our heritage.
  • Zone of Assessment contains picture based activities to enhance power of observation and association.
  • Exercises is the form of various question to check the retention capacity of pupils.
  • Projects in each chapter to promote activity-based learning.
  • Life Skills in each chapter help students make decision, solve problems, think critically and creatively.
  • Web Links give references to relevant websites for further reading.



Unit 1: Our Earth
1. Our Home: The Earth 9
2. Features of the Earth 15
3. Earth's Neighjbours 23
4. Our Environment 27
5. Air and Water 31
     Test Paper - I 35

Unit 2: Our India
6. India : States and Union Territories 36
7. India : Land and Climate 42

Unit 3: Metropolises
8. Delhi 48
9. Mumbai 56
10. Kolkata 65
  Test Paper - II 73
11. Chennai 74

Unit 4: The Way We Live
12. Village Panchayats and Municipal Committees 80
13. The Food We Eat 85
14. Clothing in India 93
15. Indian Festivals 99
Test Paper - III 107
16. Indian Occupations 108
17. Indian Transport 113
18. Communication in India 120

Unit 5: The Story of Development
19. The Early Man 125
Test paper - IV 130
Map Practice 136


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