Essential English Grammar& Composition part-V

Essential English Grammar& Composition part-V

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About Book

Souvenir Essential & English Grammar And Composition Series of Books (1-8) is the latest and most competent set of study material available in the segment . It stands the foremost for the following reasons:

  •  The most intelligently prepared structure in accordance with the learner`s mental (IQ) level in relevant age group .
  • The contents are intelligently graded, so that the learner is saved from any abrupt face offs and moves on to the higher learning with perfect familiarity with building blocks of the opening topic.
  • The language of explanation is optimally lucid and user friendly.
  • Many examples are provided in view to make everything self explanatory to tender
  • age learners. Teachers will undoubtedly appreciate our efforts in this direction.
  • Layouts, presentation and illustrations have an incomparable role in supporting the explanation.
  • Ample number of exercises have been placed at the end of every topic, as we believe that practice makes a man perfect.
  • This series attempts to lead the child towards the highest level of accuracy and finesse of the English language.
  • We hope that the readers will appreciate this series from the core of their hearts as they go through it.



1.    The Sentence 5

2.     Questions 11

3.     Parts of Speech 16

4.     Subject-Verb Agreement 24

5.      Transitive and Intransitive Verbs 30

Assess Yourself-I  34

6.      The Infinitive                                                                                 36

7.      The Participle                                                                                40

8.      The Gerund                                                                                   44

9.      Modals                                                                                          47

10.   The Simple Past Tense                                                                  55

Assess Yourself-II                                                                      58

11.    The Present Continuous Tense                                                  60

12.   The Present Perfect Tense                                                              63

13.    The Simple Past Tense                                                                   66

14.    The Past Continuous Tense                                                            70

15.   The Future Tense                                                                            73

Assess Yourself-III                                                                       76

16.   Composition                                                                                     78

17.   Conversation                                                                                    96

18.   Vocabulary                                                                                      102

Abbreviations                                                                                105

Sample Test Paper                                                                        107


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