Essential English Grammar& Composition part-II

Essential English Grammar& Composition part-II

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About Book

Souvenir Essential & English Grammar And Composition Series of Books (1-8) is the latest and most competent set of study material available in the segment . It stands the foremost for the following reasons:

  •  The most intelligently prepared structure in accordance with the learner`s mental (IQ) level in relevant age group .
  • The contents are intelligently graded, so that the learner is saved from any abrupt face offs and moves on to the higher learning with perfect familiarity with building blocks of the opening topic.
  • The language of explanation is optimally lucid and user friendly.
  • Many examples are provided in view to make everything self explanatory to tender
  • age learners. Teachers will undoubtedly appreciate our efforts in this direction.
  • Layouts, presentation and illustrations have an incomparable role in supporting the explanation.
  • Ample number of exercises have been placed at the end of every topic, as we believe that practice makes a man perfect.
  • This series attempts to lead the child towards the highest level of accuracy and finesse of the English language.
  • We hope that the readers will appreciate this series from the core of their hearts as they go through it.


1.       The Sentence  3

2.       Noun                 8

3.       Proper  Noun     12

4.       Countable and Uncountable Nouns   20

5.       Singular Nouns    24

6.       Plural Nouns    27

7.       Collective Nouns    32

8.       Masculine and Feminine Nouns    35

9.       Pronouns   40

10.   Describing Words (Adjectives)    43

11.   Prepositions    47

12.   Conjunctions(joining\Linking Words)    50

13.   Was and Were     53

14.   Has, Have, Had      56

15.   Does, Do, Did        59

16.   Interjections        63

17.   Opposites (Antonyms)   66

18.   Composition     68

Letter Writing       70

Story Writing       71

Picture Writing    73

Unseen Passages    75


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