Wisdom Tree Part-I

Wisdom Tree Part-I

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About Book

This Well-graded series of Eight General Knowledge books titled WISDOM TREE has been developed for standards 1 to 8. This series caters to the changing needs of the pupils by making them aware to keep a note of what? s happening around them across the globe.

Key featuress

Contemporary and recent information that is precise in gradation and arrangement.

The units are: Beautiful Nature, Go Global, Life Skills & Values, Science & technology, Logical Reasoning, and miscellaneous.

Surprising Facts on the unit page encourage learners to learn more on that topic by turning over the pages.

Know More... provides additional information.

Do More... section provides some activities for learners.

Rapid Fire exposes learners to exploratory tasks.

Logical Reasoning unit hones the analytical and logical skills of the learners.

Life skills & values unit focuses on co-scholastic areas, and stimulates the thinking, social and emotional skills. It also imbibes essential values for the all - around development of learner. 


UNIT-1 Beautiful Nature

The Lion                               7

Lovely Flowers  8

Pets and Wild Animals   9             

Trees and Plants               10

Kitchen Garden                11

Happy Homes    12

UNIT-2 Sports & Entertainment

Games are Fun 14

Games We Play                15

Sports Stars                        16

Fun Time                             17

Get the Music   18

UNIT-3 Our Motherland

Famous People                 20

Great Personalities         21

Know About India            22

Famous Monuments      23

People of our Country   24

UNIT-4 Words And Books

Finding Opposites            26

Odd One Out     27

The World of Fairy Tales                28

Our Cartoon Friends       29

Sweet Rhymes  30

UNIT-5 Go Global

Around the World           32

Famous Leaders               33

Food from the World     34

Flags and Countries         35

UNIT-6 Life Skills & Values

This is My Job    37

Different Colours             38

Values in My Life              39

UNIT-7 Science & Technology

Fun with Computers       41

In the Sky                            42

Tools and Machines        43

UNIT-8 Logical Reasoning

What Comes Next ?        45

At a Stationery Shop       46

Spot the Difference        47

ANSWERS                            48




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