Our Inspiration

....... peeping into the journey of life!
Shri O.P Sharma Ji, addressed as Shastri ji ( the learned one) by a few people who he was close with initially, developed fondness for his natural reflection of wisdom in every interaction he had with his aides.This reflection was so natural and inherent that it hardly could remain unnoticed that Shri O. P Sharma Ji was an exceptional person, endowed by God, who touched 'every life' he came in contact with. His simple saying and words sent deep messages well across with every one. With the passage of time, these aides expanded into a quite large number of endeared friends, irrespective of their class, age or status, who started to address him 'Shastri ji' and this became his entitle.
Professionally, he was highly regarded for his love, untiring efforts and dedication for the cause of education.

Our Creed

It can he held that books are the carriers of civilization. Without books history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill; because they are bankers of the treasures of the mind. Books can be termed as humanity in print and acknowledged as engines of change. A poet has fittingly called books as ' lighthouse erected in the sea of time' because books enlighten and educate humanity.

Souvenir Group' has emerged with its wide spectrum of subject as a focused hub of books for primary to secondary standards. The primary mission of providing quality contents that help teachers teach and students learn has made ' Souvenir Books' prescribed in best of schools spanning wide across the country. We print more than 5 million books every year which help children to grow, possess knowledge and realize their potential.

Our credo in bringing out books has always been based on an inclusive and participatory approach involving educators, learners, academicians and administrators to create education that inspires students to learn more.

In today's knowledge driven world we believe there is nothing as important as helping people to learn and make progress.

Gopal Krishan Sharma

Bharat Bhushan Sharma